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Our excellent customer service will assist you in understanding your food waste and determining how to manage it. A waste audit will be conducted to establish the amount of food waste generated by your business and the amount of food waste collection required. We’ll also give you free containers and bring them to you for no charge. We can be reached at 01924 637 510.

Look no further than Wakefield Waste Management when you need to dispose of food waste in a cost-effective and ecologically responsible manner. Our employees and equipment can manage your waste. Waste management is a challenging responsibility, so we take care of it for you. Any amount of food waste you have can be collected by us. Our wheelie bins are free, and we provide quotations with no strings attached. Please contact us right away.

How is Food Waste Managed?

Food waste accounts for 19 percent of all landfill area, making it the single-largest category of garbage. Although food decomposes naturally, the massive amounts of methane gas produced by this decomposing waste food are little consolation. One would expect that the business world’s goal for efficiency would reduce this waste, especially when considering the additional costs of manufacture, shipping, storage, and, finally, disposal of wasted meals. 

Food waste is crucial in the production of biohydrogen, which may be used to generate energy. In this case, we can refer to food waste as such when it is not consumed, but it becomes natural once it is turned to a useful resource, such as energy. Here at Hereford, we make certain that your food waste is recycled. We make sure that none of the food waste we collect ends up in landfills. Putting food waste to good use is a top focus for us. Global warming challenges can only be addressed if we manage and modify how we deal with food waste. We are able to buy more food at a lower cost, as it enables us to have thriving gardens and harvests, yet simultaneously we are helping to reduce further global warming.

Food Waste Recycling Wakefield

When it comes to recycling food waste, we have a variety of possibilities. A system that conforms with the highest environmental and human safety standards will be built to cater to your individual food waste requirements. We will offer you with a tailored solution that meets your food waste demands while keeping in accordance with human and environmental safety regulations, using composting, animal feed, and fertilizer, as well as ecologically friendly technologies like anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting.

We utilize anaerobic digesters (also known as “biodigesters”) to extract biogas (methane and carbon dioxide) from food waste and animal manure. As a result, power is generated while methane emissions, which contribute to global warming, are reduced. We achieve it by using airtight digester tanks, which is a mechanism that occurs naturally in nature. This not only effectively recycles food waste but also reduces odours.

Food waste recycling reduces the amount of food waste discharged in landfills. We can also have excess energy resources that are both environmentally friendly and long-term by recycling food waste.  

Composting in a closed container or vessel is known as in-vessel composting. Vertical towers, horizontal rectangular and circular tanks, and circular revolving tanks have all been used. The two types of in-vessel composting systems are plug flow and agitated bed.

The interaction between particles in the composting mass remains constant throughout the process in a plug flow system, and the system operates on the first-in, first-out principle. During the composting process, the composting material is mechanically combined in an agitated bed system. Mechanical systems are meant to control environmental factors such as ventilation, temperature, and oxygen to reduce odour and process time.

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